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‘The Church is an immigrant Church’

The bishops of the United States have asked the president and the congress to give us a Comprehensive Immigration bill this year.  President Obama said last week that he wants to work toward that end as well.  A few home truths will serve us well as the debate unfolds over the next few months.
The first truth is this.  The Church is an immigrant Church that has grown through the new blood of immigrants.  She has a long history of integrating immigrants into their new land.  She will not stop doing this in this new millennium.
The second truth is this.  The dignity of the human person is the basis of all Catholic social teaching and also the basis for our push to defend the fair treatment of all persons who are in this country whether legal or illegal.
The third truth is this.  The issue of immigration is a complex social policy.  You will find Catholics on every side of the issue.  Catholics may disagree on particulars, but each must judge how well this position or that upholds human dignity and human life.
There is tension in these three truths, there is pressure. But they must be held together.  To sacrifice one or the other is to betray the full truth.


The whispering breath of Jesus:

gentle, inviting, persuading

Fresh from celebrating Pentecost this past weekend, we have now completed the Crucifixion-Resurrection-Ascension-Pentecost cycle for this year.  It is simply too much to absorb at one time, and I suggest we linger over Pentecost a while longer.

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'Light and shade and color' of devotion

My chapel at home was renovated in 2008 for my 10th anniversary.  It was provided by the people, the priests, and the chancery staff.  The more use to it I become, the more I notice a certain effect of the lighting.

As I say This is my body with the host in my hand, the host will be flooded with light when I bow.  It is a striking example of what is actually taking place.

As I hold the chalice in my hands and I say This is the cup of my blood, the point of light in the bottom of the wine begins to spread slowly outward to the sides of the cup.  It is another striking example of what is actually taking place.

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‘May the rhythm of the liturgy

be the rhythm of your life’

During this season the Church prolongs the Easter she has just celebrated in each new offering of the Eucharist.
“The Son thanks the Father for having allowed him to be so disposed of that there comes about, at one in the same time, the supreme revelation of the divine love and the salvation of humankind,” as Hans Urs von Balthasar once had it.


Wishing you a blessed

and joyous Easter


My Dear People,

No one saw the Resurrection.  The very moment was given to no eye.  What was it like?  Was there an opening, a blinking of the eyes?  Was there a stirring, a lifting of the limbs?  Was there an awkward, a tentative first step?

No one knows.  Because no one saw the Resurrection.  But the eyes of an artist can make up for that.  I think of the artist Humberto Maestas and his magnificent Fifteenth Station in our own Cathedral: the open tomb, the winding sheet falling away, Jesus rising upward with serene face, being lifted up for the earth a second time.

Allow Mr. Maestas to help you feel the Resurrection in these Easter days.  I join with all the priests of the Diocese in wishing you a blessed and joyous Easter 2009.  Psalm 149 says that the Lord takes delight in his people.  The priests and I understand that from the inside out because daily we take delight in you.
+ Most Rev.
Ronald M. Gilmore
Bishop of Dodge City
Nadie vió la Resurrección. El momento preciso no se vió. ¿Cómo fue? ¿Hubo una apertura, un parpadeo de ojo? ¿Hubo algún agitado levantamiento de los miembros? ¿Hubo algún primer paso torpe?

Nadie sabe. Porque nadie vió la Resurrección.  Pero los ojos de un artista pueden crearla. Pienso en el artista Humberto Maestas y su magnífica Quinceava Estación en nuestra Catedral: la tumba abierta, la hoja torcida que desaparece, Jesús que se eleva de la tierra por segunda vez.

Permita que el  Sr. Maestas lo ayude a sentir la Resurrección en estos días de Pascua. Yo me uno a todos los sacerdotes de la Diócesis para desearles una  Pascua 2009 alegre y santa. El salmo 149 dice “el Señor se complace en su pueblo.”  Los sacerdotes y yo entendemos eso por dentro y por fuera, ya que diariamente ustedes nos llenan de gozo.
+ Obispo Ronald M. Gilmore


Bishop Emeritus Ronald M. Gilmore
Bishop Emeritus
Ronald M. Gilmore

Ordained & Installed
Bishop of Dodge City
July 16, 1998


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