Catechist Formation 2016

September 18, 2016

Year of Mercy 

Catechist Jubilee

Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Dodge City

2:00pm Gathering - Welcome - Theme

  Linda Klaus - Catechist as Evangelist

  Video - Instruct the Ignorant

2:30pm Interview - Bishop Brungardt

  (Gentry Heimerman/Sr. Angela Erevia)

  Interview - Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt

  (Fr. Bob/Norma Alvarez)

  Video - Bless

  Blessing Prayer - Bishop Brungardt

3:30pm Break

3:45pm "Miserando atque eligendo"

  (I am not worthy and yet I have been chosen.")

  Reflecting on Caravaggio's "The Calling of Saint Matthew"

4:15pm Break

4:30pm Lectio Divina/Word Working:  Luke 16:10-13

5:15pm Catechist Jubilee Cathedral Pilgrimage

6:00pm Dinner (Fr. Gale and Bishop John available for confession.)

The Holy Father's goal for the Catechist Jubilee taking place in Rome September 23-25, 2016, is to remind catechists that they put into practice the first Spiritual Work of Mercy:  "teach the ignorant."  Catechists from throughout the world gathering in Rome will reflect on the Holy Father's motto, "Miserando atque eligendo", and the "Calling of St. Matthew" by Caravaggio. They will also share lectio divina and walk through the holy door.

Year of Mercy Catechist Jubilee serves as Catechist Formation 2016-2017.  Participation in the Catechist Jubilee earns three catechist formation points. There will be no ITV sessions in September 2016 or January 2017.              


Check out some of Fr. Gale's youtube videos below!


The Five Wounds of a Secular Society

Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt's youtube video on Revenge

Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt's youtube video on Relativism

Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt's youtube video on Consumerism

Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt's youtube video on Busyness

Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt's youtube video on Entitlement

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