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Sources of Truth

Chastity “Love … rejoices with the truth” (1 Corinthians 13:6)

Nov. 15, 2015

The following feature, which includes ways in which you can find information, entertainment, and evangelization within a Catholic context, was created and is presented by Bishop John Brungardt.

Sources of Truth Chastity How do we grow in sexual purity in this sex-saturated world? There are horrific websites that are great evils against chastity.  Some people are hooked on this pornography. Some folks suffer from other sexual sins. A three-fold effort is holistic and helpful:

1.  Help from technology: Filtering/Accountability Software. A few options are:

Filtering software blocks unwanted sites. You can add sites to your “Allow list,” which allow sites that are good, yet blocked by the software. You can also add sites to your “Block list,” which block sites that are bad, yet had been let through by the software. Accountability means you have a trusted friend who keeps the password to your account, and may get a report of visited sites; someone who can assist you on your journey to greater chastity.

2.  Web-based help to overcome unwanted sexual behavior. A great site linked to the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, whose shepherd, Bishop David Ricken, is a native son of Dodge City! RECLAiM has a Catholic perspective, eg., Theology of the Body. Much “brain science” was researched to develop this system to assist those who are “hooked” on pornography, masturbation, or other sinful sexual behavior. RECLAiM Training is a series of lessons, exercises, and tools to help “re-wire” the brain, and assist a return to the peace and joy of chastity (this training has a monthly fee).

3.  Help from God by beginning a faithful spiritual plan. Examples of plans for purity:

Trust in our Savior, Jesus, who has mercy, forgives, heals, and loves.  “Flee from sexual immorality...” (1 Corinthians 6:18).  I will present more Sources of Truth for chastity in upcoming columns.

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