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Religious Women in the Diocese

Name Position Phone Suburb
Sr. Celeste Albers, OP Religious 620/792-1232, ext. 543(W); 620/792-1835(H) Great Bend
Sr. Myra Arney, OP Religious 620/275-5225(H); 620/276-3500(W) Garden City
Sr. Jane Belanger, OP Religious 620/923-4585 Pawnee Rock
Sr. Gregoria Bueno 620/371-7128 Dodge City
Sr. Renee Dreiling, OP Religious 620/792-1232, Ext. 110(W) Great Bend
Sr. Angela Erevia, MCDP Religious 620/227-1542 (W); 620/371-6991 (H) Dodge City
Sr. Yolanda Maria Figueroa,CFP Religious 620/371-7128 Dodge City
Sr. Teresa Fox Religious 620/792-1232 x133 Pawnee Rock
Sr. Jolene Geier, OP Religious 620/792-1232, Ext. 124(W) Great Bend
Sr. Janice Grochowsky, CSJ Religious 620/225-9755(H); 620/227-1527(W) Dodge City
Sr. Marie Hageman, OP Religious 620/275-5225(H); 620/521-1387(C) Garden City
Sr. Eloise Hertel, OP 620-792-1232 x129w 620-603-6563h Great Bend
Sr. Paulynn Instenes, FSPA Religious 620/377-5006 St. John
Sr. Judith Lindell, OP Religious 620/792-1835(H); 620/792-1232, Ext. 122(W) Great Bend
Sr. Maria Elena Martinez-Sifuentes, MCMI Religious 620/649-2692 Satanta
Sr. Ann Metzen, OP Religious 620/793-9048(H); 620/792-1232, Ext. 128(W) Great Bend
Sr. Rebecca Otter, OP 620-804-6039 Larned
Sr. Jan Roberts, CSJ Religious 620/225-9755 Dodge City
Sr. Rose Mary Stein, OP Religious 620/225-7112(H) Dodge City
Sr. Janice Thome, OP Religious 620/276-5387(W); 620/521-1387(C);620/276-0949Answering Machine Garden City

Diocese of Dodge City

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