Anti-Pornography and Internet Safety Resources

Anti-Pornography Resources

Checklist – Is Your Family Safe

7 Steps to Protect Your Family
Siete Pasos para Protegar a tu Familiá

Age Appropriate Talking Points
Puntos para Hablar de Acuerdo a la Edad

Cycle of Addiction
Ciclo de Adicción

Cycle of Pornography Addiction Diagram
Ciclo de la Adicción a la Pornografía

When Children Seek Pornography
Cuando los Niños Buscan la Pornografía

How Porn Hurts You:    
Tweens & Teens
Young Adults
Married Couples

Pornography Statistics

Estadísticas de la Pornografía

A note regarding the resources above: A debt of gratitude is owed to the Archdiocese of Omaha for the work of their Anti-Pornography Task force and the resources they have provided to create an awareness of the problem and suggestions to assist parents and families in preventing pornography from becoming a problem.  We are equally grateful to the Diocese of Fresno for the Spanish translations of the Anti-Pornography resources.


Internet Safety Resources

Keeping Kids Safer on the Internet
Como Mantener mas Seguros a los Niños en la Internet – Consejos para Pades
Texting and Chatroom Acronyms   English Spanish - Resources for kids, teens and parents

Tips to Prevent Sexting
More Chat Acronyms
Gaming Safety


Web Resources for Child Safety – Resource site for Internet safety

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Safety Tips Poster for Children
Knowing My Rules for Safety - Conozco mis Reglas de Seguridad

Safety information for foster and daycare programs
Tips to Help Keep Children Safer While in Care
Consejos para mantener más seguros a los niños a su cuidado

Steps to help protect children from sexual exploitation
Preventing the Sexual Exploitation of Children
Prevención de la explotación sexual de menores

What is Child Pornography – General Information

FBI Resources for Parents

Children Who Are Home Alone - English Spanish

Going To and From School More Safely - English Spanish


General Information

Child Sexual Abuse: What Parents Should Know


Bullying Awareness

Resources to Prevent Bullying, Violence and Child Abuse

Myths About Bullying

Warning Signs that a Child is Being Bullied    English Spanish

Stop Bullying


Gang Awareness

Recognizing and Preventing Gang Involvement

Addressing Community Gang Problems: A Practical Guide

Parents' Guide to Gangs   English Spanish

Gang Involvement: A Parent's Quick Reference Card   English Spanish