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Teens Encounter Christ (TEC)

Sacred HeartTeens Encounter Christ (TEC)

God’s presence in our lives surrounds us daily. We must be aware of His presence in all things. We must be aware of the little things that are God and only God.

With this awareness comes a deepening of our relationship with Christ. We find special ways to experience Christ in the here and now. We Encounter Christ, we meet him on
a level of complete love and understanding.

TEC is one way of allowing this Encounter to take place in our lives, both on the TEC weekend and throughout all of our days.

What is TEC

TEC is a place where:

  • If you stop by, you will not find everyone kneeling and praying for three straight days. You will find life long friends, celebrating their faith and relationship with Christ, through prayer, meditations, many games and fun activities.
  • If you stop by, you can have the opportunity to move your life completely and totally in a positive direction
  • If you stop by, you can confide in others and know that they can be trusted with their precious thoughts and ideas. Unconditional loving friends for life
  • If you stop by, you can find true “role models’ of adult faith, living all vocations of life – priestly, religious, single and married
  • If you stop by, you can be free from the stress of daily living. Free enough to “taste of the Lord” and hear His message of peace, forgiveness, love and joy
  • If you stop by, you can experience the “Body of Christ” in such a powerful way there can be not doubt. It is the true presence, Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life
  • If you stop by, you can experience the community of believers, the communion of saints
  • If you stop by, you can experience the “Kingdom of God” here on earth in the here and now
  • If you stop by, you can experience religion, dwelling in the inmost life of God
  • If you stop by, you will find that it is the Good News, and TEC celebrates in this News.
  • If you do not stop by, you will be missed, as you have many gifts, love and laughter, to share with Christ and His family. Won’t you please stop by, we would love to see you!

Diocese of Dodge City

910 Central PO Box 137 Dodge City, KS 67801 | 620-227-1500

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