My Lenten Brain Tumor

My Lenten Brain Tumor, Our Easter Joy
Southwest Kansas Catholic article

My Column Part 1

"On the feast day of St. John of God, patron of hospitals and the sick, my doctor

informed me that I had a benign brain tumor, and he was sending me right away by

ambulance to Via Christi–St. Francis hospital in Wichita. ..."

My Column Part 2

"On March 11, I had a successful brain surgery to remove a benign tumor.

I am rapidly recovering, thanks to the healing power of the Lord, my excellent health care

team, and your faithful prayers. As I lay in the hospital bed before the surgery, God

revealed much to me about independence, interdependence, and dependence. …"

My Column Part 3

"I encourage you to seek such intimacy with Jesus in your sufferings, temptations, and loneliness. In

such closeness, we can better hear Christ's promptings, receive His gifts, and accept His grace.

Jesus will hide you in His Sacred Wounds. …"

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