Catechist Coach

Catechist coaches are trained individuals who can be a sounding board for catechists’ ideas for self-improvement and problem solving. We can also be resource persons to assist in the use of the PSR curriculum.

We hope to build a relationship with the catechist and provide support in the areas of preparation, teaching and spirituality. The ministry of the catechist is vital to our church and so support of the spirituality of the catechist is very important.

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There is no intention to evaluate the person or their teaching. Any conversations between catechist and coach are held in confidence. Our intention is to support the catechist so that they can become the catechist they want to be.

The coaching experience would likely last for a semester or for one school year. Face to face, Skype/video call, or phone meetings would be scheduled at the convenience of the coach and catechist and would ideally occur about once a month or even once every two months. Support would be provided according to the needs of the catechist.


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Catechist Coaches
Sara Smith - Member of St. Andrew Parish in Wright, KS.  Special Education paraeducator for 17 years.  Third and fourth grade teacher for 11 years in Dodge City and Minneola.  Catechist for elementary and high school for 4 years.  Catechist coach leader.  Participate in Inquiry and RCIA.

Gayla Kirmer - Executive Secretary to Bishop Brungardt at the Diocese of Dodge City Chancery Office. Resides in Spearville and attends St John the Baptist Catholic Church where she is active in the music ministry. Taught PSR classes for 14 years and was also the DRE at St. John the Baptist for four years.  

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Kayla Gleason - Secretary/Bookkeeper at St. Nicholas Church in Kinsley. Resides near Offerle and attends St. Nicholas Church in Kinsley where she has been active on Liturgy Council for ten years and is a eucharistic minister and lector. She has a degree in Pastoral Ministry from Newman University and is currently working on receiving the Diocesan Certification in Liturgical Ministry. She has taught PSR for the past 11 years and is currently teaching PSR.