DRE Bible

The DRE Bible is an effort to help new DREs navigate their first years in ministry. This page is a work in progress and any additions are welcome. Please email Eric at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request additions/suggestions

DRE Bible
DRE job description Sample 1  Sample 2 Sample 3
Annual reporting job aid - it would be a simple 1 page document explaining the tracking of things and then the actual report and how to fill it out
Protecting God’s Children Program - Reporting forms, Policies, Procedures
Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Guidelines and/or ideas - I would actually make these each a different tab. A great DRE collaborative opportunity to share ideas.
Scope and Sequence by grade level
Curriculum options that meet Diocesan Educational Guidelines - that sample came with curriculum suggestions - Will be addressed by a supported company.
Field trip permission slips and medical forms
Fundraising strategies - this is a really great time to collaborate with other DREs 
Event Planning Strategies (all sacraments and retreats) - another great time to collaborate and share samples out of curriculum or experience
Self care (burnout is high) - There are a ton of books out there you can pull from - maybe a local psychologist can help too with some data.
Diocese Calendar of Events - whatever you and your crew has scheduled
Other office roles and how to navigate reporting/chain of command - you’ll have to create this
Crisis management / Disagreement Resolution CPR, lost child, complaint from parent or parishioner - you’ll have to create this