Scope and Sequence

How to use the scope and sequence. The scope and sequence answers the question, "What are we supposed to teach?" For each grade K-8, there are minimum subjects to be Introduced, Reviewed and Mastered in each grade level. These minimum are what Bishop Brungardt asks each PSR to cover. Other content to complete the year is the discretion of DREs and Chatechists.

The Scope and Sequence is in several formats but contains the same content. There is a combine showing all grades, one for big parishes and small parishes with combined classes, plus each grade level alone.

Each subject is keyed with the following letters, (I) Introduce, (R) Review, (M) Master. By grade level, subjects will follow a pattern of being Introduced, Reviewed and Mastered as a child moves through a PSR Program. This is diocese wide so incoming students in our diocese or parishes changes will ensure each child has learned common content. 

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Scope and Sequence for Diocese of Dodge City PSR
By Grade Level
Kindergarten  1st Grade
2nd Grade 3rd Grade
4th Grade 5th Grade
6th Grade 7th Grade
8th Grade  
Combine Scope and Sequence 
Scope and Sequence for Combined Classes K-8
Scope and Sequence for Individual Classes K-8