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Music video consoles those who mourn

HAYS – The approaching holiday season is a time of family gatherings and joy. Oftentimes, however, there is sadness, especially when families mourn the death of a loved one.  
Those who mourn during this time of year tend to experience loneliness, emptiness and a sense of longing to be united with their loved one.  
It is exactly these people songwriter Wayne Billinger, member of Saint Fidelis Church of Victoria is trying to reach with his newly released music DVD titled, “Santa, Please Tell Jason ‘Hi.’” Advantage Recording Studio of Hays released the DVD Thursday.
The song is written in memory of Jason Miller, Billinger’s brother-in-law, who died from meningitis Dec. 21, 1995, at the young age of 18.  He was buried on Christmas Eve. Two years later, with young children of his own, Billinger imagined what it would be like for a child to mourn during Christmas.      
Every child writes Santa Claus a letter telling what they want for Christmas, he thought, but what if all a child wants is for Santa to tell their loved one, “Hi?”

The melody Billinger composed for the song is upbeat and happy giving the listener a sense of hope. His daughter, Kelsey Billinger, first recorded the song in 1997 at the age of 4.
“When the song was first released, it received good regional response,” Billinger said. “Because of the popularity of the song and the user friendly aspects of today’s media, I thought the message might best be served as a visual.”
Billinger believes the lyrics of “Santa, Please Tell Jason ‘Hi’ ” have a timeless factor.
“This song was written without mention of any timelines in order that the message can remain pertinent to future generations.”
The video portrays a young girl fully trusting Santa to deliver her message. In the last line of the refrain the girl pleads with Santa as he flies his sleigh, “And if you see him there among the stars, Santa, please tell Jason ‘Hi.’ ”
“The song and video are to provide anyone the opportunity to remember the loss of a loved one during the holiday season,” Billinger said. “This is indicated in a visual at the end of the video as other faces flash among the stars. These faces represent the loss of anyone – the loss of a child, a grandfather, an aunt or a friend.”
Billinger hopes this song and video will provide comfort to all those who mourn, not only during the holidays, but throughout the year.
The video can be seen on You Tube,  or Google “Jason, Please Tell Santa Hi.” The DVD can be purchased online at or It is also available at Kansas Originals Market and Gallery in Wilson and on the bypass in Topeka.


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