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‘A St. Nicholas Story...;’

colorfully illustrated,

valuable lesson

“A St. Nicholas Story; The Fiercest Little Animal In The Forest;” by Terri Reinhart, illustrated by Patrick Reinhart. 42 pp, soft cover 8”x8” $12.95.

Two years ago, in the Christmas issue of the Southwest Kansas Register, there was printed a delightful children’s story entitled, “A St. Nicholas Story; The Fiercest Little Animal in the Forest,” by SKR contributing columnist Terri Reinhart.
The children’s story has been updated and published in a book with full color illustrations by Patrick Reinhart.
“The pine marten was the fiercest little animal in the forest,” the story reads. “When other animals came near him he growled and snarled and snapped at them. Then the animals ran away. When people walked through the forest, he hid in the bushes growling and snarling and snapping at them as they traveled by his bush. Then the people would walk a little faster to get away from the fierce little animal.”

The story continues as the pine marten meets St. Nicholas. His anger soon turns to joy as he becomes one of St. Nicholas’s most valuable helpers, thus providing an important lesson about the value of being of service to others.
“The image of this pine marten came to me one morning after I had been struggling to find just the right St. Nicholas story to tell to my kindergarten children,” Terri Reinhart said. “I could almost see this little creature in my imagination carrying the gold coins in his teeth and dropping them into the stockings. When story time came, I just started speaking the story and I allowed the pine marten to lead me.”
Wheat Ridge, Colorado resident Terri Reinhart spent 18 years teaching kindergarten at the Denver Waldorf School. One of her favorite duties as a teacher was telling stories. She is now working out of a home studio as a freelance artist and columnist. She belongs to Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Wheat Ridge.
She is married to Chris and has two sons, Patrick and John, and a daughter, Emma. John and his wife, Coco, are expecting their first child on Christmas day.
With a Studio Art degree from Beloit College in Wisconsin, Patrick Reinhart has exhibited his work in the Wright Museum of Art in Wisconsin. He has provided artwork for Authentic Travel magazine, sold caricatures, and has created web sites.    
His first love, however, is illustrating children’s books, which shows both in his attention to detail and in his love for the subject matter.
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