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Diocese jumps onto the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon

Which begs the question:

What are Facebook and Twitter?

The Diocese of Dodge City recently opened Facebook and Twitter accounts, which can be accessed through the diocesan website,
The new accounts were initiated and are managed by Eric Haselhorst, Director of Stewardship for the diocese.
Despite their growing popularity, if you’re not sure what exactly Facebook and Twitter are, you’re not alone. The SKR recently posed several questions to Haselhorst about the two programs:

Southwest Kansas Register: Facebook is a social networking site where individuals can, basically, create their own personal website. Through this website they can find and communicate with friends, old and new. Is this the only purpose of Facebook?

ERIC HASELHORST: Facebook can be used several ways. Churches, companies and a variety of causes are using social networking sites like Facebook to reach people with a message. Facebook is more interactive between “friends” or groups such as the diocese. Not only can I or an organization post information, others can respond and interact with me or the organization.

SKR: How does the diocese benefit from Facebook? Wouldn’t our regular website be more appropriate for those seeking information?

E.H.: I am sensitive to generational and group differences. One group of people will read the Register, others will read our website, while another group uses Facebook, Twitter or both for a variety of information. This is our way of reaching groups of people where they are.

SKR: Now about Twitter. What is Twitter and how does it work?

E.H.: Twitter is another free service that allows each user to post a 140 character text message from anywhere in the world to “followers” who want to view the “Tweets”. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is basically one way communication.

SKR: Why don’t people just send short emails?

E.H.: Personal preference I suppose. One thing about Twitter is instant communication. If I have allowed 100 people to view my page and I want to let them know my wife had a child, within seconds I can post one message using my cell phone or personal computer and instantly 100 people receive the message. As life happens others can know.

SKR: Regarding Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites: If people want information about the diocese, why not just go to the website?

E.H.: Simply, there is a whole generation or group of people that will not read the Register or go to our website for a variety of reasons. Facebook allows us to potentially reach a whole group of people that other wise may never know what we are doing or how we can be of service to them.

SKR: Do you have to have a Facebook or Twitter account of your own to be able to access the Diocese Facebook and Twitter accounts?

E.H.: Yes, you do need to have a free Facebook and Twitter account to view the pages.

You can sign up for Facebook and/or Twitter by going to and clicking on the Facebook or Twitter icons at right. If you have questions or concerns, mail Eric Haselhost at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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