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Sister Roserita Weber, OP (Dominican Sisters of Peace)

Weaving God’s word and love into

‘whatever ministry I have been called to do’

Sister Roserita Weber, OP, serves with the Dominican Sisters Ministry of Presence in Garden City.

SKR: Why did you enter the religious life?

Sister Roserita Weber, OP: I entered religious life because I felt called by God to become a Sister from a very early age.  As I matured I continued to feel that this life was the one that God intended for me and the only place where I could continue to complete God’s plans for me.

SKR: Why did you choose your particular congregation? Sister Roserita: I chose to join the Dominican Sisters because I was very impressed by their joyous spirit in the service of the Lord.  I had only known religious dressed in black before I met the Dominicans and their white habits, and the light warm atmosphere of their Convent impressed me and fit with their joyous spirit.  I felt at home among them.

SKR: What have been your greatest challenges as a religious?

Sister Roserita: The time of greatest challenge was after the Second Vatican Council as we moved to a less structured life that demanded more personal choices in all areas of life.  This time both permitted and demanded greater personal responsibility on a personal, religious and ministerial level.  Another great challenge was in moving from the ministry of teaching where I had become rather competent to the Finance Office where I learned as I worked and took classes at the same time.  Again when I became the Motherhouse Coordinator it was challenging to assist in the smooth running of the convent in which our retired Sisters lived, the administration offices were present, and the Heartland Center of Spirituality carried out its ministry.  The Ministry of Presence continues to be a challenge as we seek to assist people often doing things we have never thought to do to help them.

SKR: What have been your greatest joys?

Sister Roserita: My greatest joy has been in weaving God’s word and love into whatever ministry I have been called to do.  In my present ministry it is the opportunity to assist women to learn to drive and free them to take care of themselves and their families.  Another great joy is when I hear that someone I assisted to accomplish a task such as buying their license plates is now assisting other persons to do this task.

What kind of ministries have you been/are involved in?

Sister Roserita:
I taught for 11 years in elementary Catholic schools. I worked as an Assistant Treasurer in the Finance Office for nine years. I served as On-Site Coordinator for our Heartland Farm in the beginning for one and a half years. I was Motherhouse Coordinator for four years. I have worked in our Ministry of Presence here in Garden City now for 15 years and continue to relish this work among the economic poor.

Please offer a quote that makes a statement about the value of religious life for you.

Sister Roserita: “With age-old love I have loved you.” (Jeremiah 31:3) In God’s love for me I was called to be a religious.  The mutual support of community strengthens me to continue to reach out with love to others and receive/accept love from others.  This same intense love of God is given to every person to follow God’s path for them.

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