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Catholic Schools Week in Pictures

Podcast: St. Joseph, Ellinwood students sing during Catholic Schools Week

Holy Family, Great Bend
St. Joseph, Ellinwood
Sacred Heart, Ness City
St. Dominic, Garden City
St. Mary, Garden City
Sacred Heart, Dodge City
Sacred Heart, Pratt

A special note from Bishop Ronald M. Gilmore:

I write these words as February begins, in the middle of Catholic Schools Week.  I write to give thanks for those places of wonder, of learning, of formation, of energy, of adventure, and of laughter.

Our schools help our parents in the task of humanizing their children.  That is to say, they help our parents in drawing the best out of the gifts who are their children.  They help to teach their children.  They help to form their children.  They help to give their children the skills to develop as responsible members of our communities.  Our parents are the first and best teachers of their children.  Our schools are but a slight step behind them.


The British writer Chesterton once observed that the family is good for us precisely because it does not conform to our wishes.  Each child born to us comes to disrupt our routine.  God gives us children to break open the hard shell of self.

I should like to insist that the Catholic School is good for us precisely because it does not conform to our wishes.  Each child comes to disrupt our routine, and each school helps that to happen.  God gives us children, and schools, to break open the hard shell of selfish individualism so tempting in our time.

The first community, the family, prepares the child for school.  The second community, the school, prepares the child for higher education, for work, for responsibility, for service, for vocation, for marriage:  in a word, for being a member of many communities that touch and blend and overlap and nourish.  In the end, both teach the child that life is about love of God and love of neighbor.

I am proud of our schools, of the work they do, of the role they play, of the little communities they are.  They share in the wonder that is the family.  Nothing could be more challenging and more satisfying at one and the same time.

+ Most Rev. Ronald M. Gilmore
Bishop of Dodge City

Diocese of Dodge City

910 Central PO Box 137 Dodge City, KS 67801 | 620-227-1500

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