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'Justice for Newcomers'

Imagine being so desperate that you leave your family and friends, the land you’ve known and loved all your life, only to risk life and limb to acquire work in a strange land so that you can send money home to your family.
Even if an immigrant can fight the red tape to acquire proper documentation, both the documented and undocumented immigrant face unimaginable challenges once they leave their homeland: the dangerous journey, language barrier, racial intolerance, and, as proven right here in southwest Kansas, unscrupulous people out to steal what little they have.
“Justice for Newcomers” is Catholic Charities’ call for immigration reform. The campaign not only strives to address the problem of a broken immigration system, but it also seeks to address the conditions that compel people to leave their homes, including desperation and lack of opportunities.
It aims to reach beyond the networks of the participating national agencies and enlist the support of Catholic individuals and institutions in dioceses throughout the country.
Catholic Charities USA and its members are committed to working in solidarity with migrants and newcomers to develop a comprehensive solution that creates immigrant policies that work for all people.
Editor’s Note: In 2005, Catholic Charities USA published Justice for Newcomers; A Catholic Call for Solidarity and Reform. A link for this document will be included at

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