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Bishop announces two-year journey

The following priests are attending the "Good Leaders, Good Shepherds" program over the next two years. If your parish is served by one of the priests listed below, click on his name for a special message (pdf) to you from Bishop Ronald M. Gilmore:

My Dear People,

I am pleased to announce starting March 24, 18 of our priests will join 19 priests from the Salina diocese to begin a two-year journey to better serve you.
“If leading souls to Christ is the call of the priest, then ‘Good Leaders, Good Shepherds’ provides a way to do this with confidence and competence,” says a priest in Boston.
“We need practical support like ‘Good Leaders, Good Shepherds’ to increase our effectiveness as pastors” says a pastor in Springfield, IL.
Confidence, competence, effectiveness. These words keep coming across when speaking of a two-year-intensive-priest-formation process called “Good Leaders, Good Shepherds.”  
Yet, what attracted me most to GLGS were these comments:“Good Leaders, Good Shepherds was specifically designed to help priests minimize the frustration and energy spent on their administrative roles and to maximize the joy and time spent on pastoral duties for which they were uniquely ordained....”
 “...We need holy, healthy and happy priests...”

Priests that are holier, healthier, happier!  That’s why I offered GLGS to our priests.

That’s why I encouraged them to spend the money, take the time, and expend the effort to be part of a this demanding but rewarding formation process.
That’s why I am asking you to join me in supporting and encouraging these 18 priests so that they may be even more confident, competent, effective in their priestly responsibilities.  But even more that they can be the holy, healthy, happy priests we need.
What am I asking of these 18 priests for the next two years?
Beginning March 24, these priests will participate in several overnight sessions, during which they will explore values that impact their leadership, set goals for themselves and those with whom they minister, further develop their listening skills and their ability to facilitate problem solving and decision making, plan for change and growth, foster partnerships that enhance ministry and parish life, make the best of the time, talent, and gifts of their parishioners.  Even more, GLGS uses Jesus Christ as the ultimate shepherd and model of leadership.  They will pray and share and support one another.
What am I asking of you?
Support your priest, especially if he is involved in the Good Leaders, Good Shepherd process.  Support him with your prayer.  

Eternal God, bless Fr.  _________.  Help him to be a good leader and a good shepherd for us.  Through your grace, may he be holy, healthy, and happy!          

Support him with your words of encouragement.  Thank him for being willing to spend his money, time and effort.  Allow him to be away from your parish so that he can take full advantage of the GLGS process.      
Situations will arise in parishes when your pastor will want to be there with you and for you. Please allow him to know that you understand how important this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of GLGS is for him, for you, for your parish, for our diocese.
There are a number of priests who, for a variety of good reasons, are not participating in GLGS at this time.  I have asked them and retired priests living in our diocese to be available to you when the participant priests are away.
I am grateful to these priests who are willing to make themselves available to cover for emergencies, including funerals.  
I am grateful to the 18 priests attending the GLGS process. I am indebted to you who will provide prayerful support and encouragement to these priests, to all our priests.
I wish to thank Theresa Rome and the Monsignor Kuhn Fund for underwriting half of the cost of GLGS.  
And I am grateful to the Lord for the blessings he will bestow upon us through  “Good Leaders, Good Shepherds.”

+Ronald M. Gilmore
Bishop of Dodge City

Diocese of Dodge City

910 Central PO Box 137 Dodge City, KS 67801 | 620-227-1500

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