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Feb. 10, 2019

SW Kansans march in Topeka in support of life

A bus with 23 youth and sponsors from Liberal, Dodge City, Medicine Lodge and La Crosse, departed from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Monday evening, Jan. 21 to head to Topeka for an overnight stay and full-day of activities for the March for Life on Jan. 22.

But mother nature had another plan for the day. The group woke to drizzle which continued to get heavier as they neared the Topeka Performing Arts Center for the “Ignite” event and special video presentation, “I Lived on Parker Ave” and adoption talk by David Scotton.

Mass celebrated with all of the Kansas Bishops and Archbishop Naumann, followed with Bishop John B. Brungardt delivering an inspiring homily (see below left).

The March to the Capitol was cold and wet, and the rally was moved inside the Capitol building. After lunch, the group made its way back to the Capitol for 2 p.m. tours, which were cancelled due to impending predictions of ice hitting the area.

The group boarded the bus and headed south to try to miss the worst of the weather. The bus driver appreciated the many prayers the group recited for the treacherous drive home.

Despite the weather, everyone had a meaningful March for Life 2019 and came away with a renewed vigor to pass on the pro-life message in their parishes. Plans will be coming together soon for the March for Life Washington and Topeka for 2020.

                             — Gayla Kirmer


‘Thank you, Jesus for touching hearts!’

Bishop Brungardt concelebrated the March for Life Mass Jan. 22, during which he spoke on the theme: Jesus touches hearts: my heart, your heart, our hearts.

He first related the example of his struggle with a brain tumor these last three years. 

Surgery, radiation treatment, and medicine were all lacking and inadequate in healing him.  But only the touch of Jesus healed him, he said. 

“Thanks for your many prayers,” the bishop told those gathered.

Next, Bishop Brungardt spoke of the wound in our world of abortion, the “killing of our siblings in the womb and the hurting of their moms.  The court, the legislature, and the executive branches of government have been inadequate and lacking in doing away with abortion.  We need more prayer, more asking Jesus to touch hearts, more touching of each others’ hearts.  With God’s grace, abortion will be no more.”

Bishop Brungardt closed with three examples of what we can do:

  • respect the dignity of the human person in all life: the unborn and their moms, the immigrant, the poor, the lonely, those who do not agree with us.
  • grow in chastity. To use God’s give of human sexuality within His plan for each of us.
  • receive grace from our sacramental life: confession and Eucharist. With these blessings, we will have the wisdom, fortitude, and charity to continue in the pro-life movement.

“Thank you, Jesus, for touching hearts!”


‘Unique from day one: Pro-life is pro-science’

The theme for the 2019 march was, “Unique from day one: Pro-life is pro-science.”

Does the argument against abortion jive with the findings of the medical profession? The answer is “absolutely.”

The zygote, the first cell formed at the moment of conception, is the earliest developmental stage of the human embryo. It is undeniably human in that it is composed of human DNA and totally different from any other human that has ever existed. The fingerprint that each of us has — distinguishing us from any other human on the planet — is determined by that DNA on day one.

Fetal development in its simplicity and depth is astonishing. Only three weeks after fertilization, a little one’s heart starts beating. At eight weeks of pregnancy the baby has started moving around (even though Mom can’t feel this quite yet). By the 10th week of pregnancy, a baby’s fingers and toes are forming. By 13 weeks, right at the end of the first trimester, the baby has fingerprints.

During the second trimester, organs including kidneys begin to work, and expectant parents might even see their little one sucking his thumb on an ultrasound. At 19 weeks of development, a baby’s senses are developing, and she or he can likely recognize Mom’s voice at this stage.

One hundred years ago our understanding of embryonic development was very different from what it is now. Medical advancements continue to reaffirm the science behind the pro-life cause – that life begins when egg meets sperm and a new, unique, human embryo is created. Moreover, breakthroughs in science and ultrasound technology have provided a window into the womb allowing us to witness firsthand the development of life.

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