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Call to Continuing Conversion and Rite of Election, 2019

Call to Continuing Conversion and

Rite of Election, 2019

Dodge City -- More than 175 men, women and children on the road to entering fully the Catholic Church at Easter were officially welcomed along their faith journey March 10 by the Most Rev. John B. Brungardt at the Call to Continuing Conversion and Rite of Election celebration at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  

One of the most significant events of the liturgical year, this is the official moment that candidates (baptized members of another Christian faith tradition—or baptized Catholics—who are seeking confirmation and first Eucharist) and catechumens (individuals who have not been baptized and who are seeking baptism, confirmation and first Eucharist) declare their commitment to enter fully the Catholic Church at Easter.  

The candidates and catechumens—along with their families, godparents, and sponsors—came from every corner of the diocese, each waiting for that special moment when they would be called by name to sign the Book of the Elect, or to dip their fingers in the baptismal font.  

Although southwest Kansas is vast—neighboring parishes often separated by miles and miles of prairie—the Catholic Diocese of Dodge City is one family. And it’s that family that the bishop urged to show acts of kindness in a troubled world.

“Today, in our second reading from St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans (5:12, 17-19), we hear that Jesus, ‘through one righteous act,’ gave us eternal life, salvation! This Lent, let us ask Jesus how He is calling each of us to do ‘righteous deeds,’ or acts of kindness, acts of love, acts of compassion.”

The event marked a milestone for the bishop. The following day, March 11, was the three-year anniversary of his surgery to remove a brain tumor. He thanked all those who supported him, for their acts of kindness during a difficult and challenging chapter in his life.

“As you prepare for our Catholic Sacraments: Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Eucharist, Jesus always loves us,” Bishop Brungardt told those gathered. “Let us focus on doing His will this Lent and beyond. Let us do acts of kindness, compassion and love. Jesus will help us. He loves us more than we can ask or imagine!”

As the choir sang the beautiful song, “Wade in the Water,” candidates were called by name to dip their fingers in the baptismal font.   

Catechumens were then called by name,  and together with their Godparents, came forward and signed the Book of the Elect.   

Following the celebration, everyone was invited to meet in the Holy Family Social Hall for a dinner reception, during which individuals and families posed for photographs with Bishop Brungardt. Dozens of photos are available and free to download at                       

-- Dave Myers


The Candidates 2019


Lucinda Blas, Jackie Preisner



John Schlessiger, Clayton Ingham


Dodge City:

Fermina Hernandez Batz, Ramona Madriles Ortiz, Alfredo Palma, Chey Peralta, Irma Rodríguez, Tomasa Ramos López, José Eduardo Reyes López, Kelsey Dalton, Jessica Cordero



Mattie Ross


St. Mary, Garden City:

José Adamin Coreas-Hernandez,

Sharris Joy Koehn, Gabriel Araiza, Darey Eliseo García, Juliana Marbut, Cesar Iván Rodríguez


Great Bend:

Lori Hammeke, Amy Patzner, Matthew Patzner, Melissa Roach, Elizabeth Dominguez, Yahir Flores


Jill Georg



Karina Villa



Kay Neighbors, TaWanna Callahan, Jon Palmer



Irasema Cabello Arreola, Jesse Alfredo Correa, Manuel Esteban Ríos, Jasiel Martínez, Juan Manuel Medina, Martina Everilda Mendoza, Edgar Ortiz, Rosa Ortiz Álvarez, Martin Reynoso, Alfredo Rodríguez, Sebastiana Tomas Mejía, Isabela Alonzo Gómez, Juan Carlos, Ambrocio Álvarez, Marisol Arenivas, Pablo Batz Perez, Martha De La Cruz, Saul Delgado Anaya, Claudia Verónica García Toj, Ángel Emmanuel Hernandez Cuellar, Tomas Juárez Pu, Agustín Larios, Mario López Miguel, Verónica Luis Mejía, Celedonia Luis Ruiz, Juan Alberto Marino Alarcón, Heriberto Meléndez,

Juan Mejía Mejía, Manuela Mejía Mejía, Maria Elisa Morales, Ana Ramos Ordoñez, Wilmer Alexander Reyes Licona, Tomas Rodríguez López, Alejandro Solís Ramos, Maria Elena Trejo, Jesús Arturo Delgado Anaya



Jeremy Luthi



Jentry Smith


Scott City:

Rachel Richardson, Brady Jeffery, Jose Luis Munoz Nieto


St. Dominic, Garden City:

Zachary Lee, Mitch Chalkley,

Bruce Algrim, Ryan Harp, Gary Parks, Brock Kendrick, Tessie Foltz, Jerry Hahn



Jeremy Alcala



The Elect 2019


Rebecca Merkle


Dodge City:

Christina Flores, Christina Peralta, Omar Romero, Cesar Bravo, Ángel Cervantes, Diego Cervantes, Ximena Cervantes

Briana Cuenca, Nicole García

Yasmin Guzmán-Chairez, Ricardo Lima-Enríquez, Rubén Lorenzo-Santos, David Rivero, Aryana Sanchez, Manuel Adame

Alejandro Chávez, Ethan Espinosa, Alexander Grabin, Hoadila Ico Velásquez, Sofia Juárez Velásquez, Arturo López Armenta, Hector Martínez

Adrián Palacios, Carlos Reyes, Chrisette Sumaya, Francisco Velázquez, Sonya Contreras, Tyler Dalton, Gabriel Dalton, Jon Farra, Eric Klotz, Gracie Rockers



Marie Maestas


St. Dominic, Garden City:

Vanessa Hahn, Drew Thon


St. Mary, Garden City:

Reyna Torres-Rodríguez, Marely Aguilera-Medina, Sebastián Emanuel Alarcon-Castrejon, Daniela Guadalupe Chacon, Arelyn Alyssa Esquivel, Jyzel Lusiana Esquivel, Aryanna Hernandez, Jaylin Alexandra Herrera Guevara, Mayrin Elizabeth Herrera Guevara, Sandra Giselle Herrera Guevara, Michael Lira, Paris Lozoya, Alondra Macías-Reyes, Ramiro Jr. Maldonado, Fabian Ollarzabal, Homero Ollarzabal, Yaneli Ollarzabal, Jacquelyn Anahí Ramirez-Castrejón, Maxi Rodríguez, Anthony Rubio, Adriel Damien Sanchez, Jaslene Mae Villanueva, Nikolai Iván Vicente


Great Bend:

Alvin Rodarmel, Kaeden Linenberger, Callan Cavender, Noelle Hood, Blaze Little, Xitlali Huitron



Kylee DaNell Burch



Deanna Kocher



Tanner Lang



Sunny Baeza, Serena Collins, Gauge Ryan Schoolcraft, Victor Alcozer, Jose Luis Capetillo Flores, Angel Hernandez, Gaspar Mendoza, Samuel Vallejo, Lindsey Berros, Lluvia Briana Argoth, Miguel Angel Argoth, Carolina Fabiola Castillo, Selena Yeraldi Castillo, Carlos Humberto Flores, Cindy Carolina Flores, Aaliyah Rose Lucero, Adrián Magdaleno Perez Ruiz, Efraín Perez Ruiz


Medicine Lodge:

Jamie Landwehr



Char Hekele



Mitchell Baird



Cynthia Pauda, Jenny Powers, Elis Guerrero, Aiden Valerio, Kobe Talabert, Aniya Rodríguez, Yazlyn Ontiveros, Seryna Vásquez, Precious Vásquez,  Zoey Guerrero



Brian Chilton

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