Engaged Encounter

Engaged Encounter

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Jan 4-6 2019
March 1-3 2019
May-June 31-2 2019
July 26-28 2019
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Catholic Engaged Encounter is ...

... a weekend program that gives couples preparing for marriage the opportunity to examine their lives together through communication.

... a time to share their feelings, hopes, disappointments, joys and frustrations.

... and to do so openly and honestly in a face-to face, heart-to-heart setting designed to deepen and enrich their relationship with each other and with God. This is a time for couples to be alone, to focus on their couple relationship away from the distractions and tensions of everyday life.

Do you have to be Catholic?

No! The Catholic Engaged Encounter program is open to all couples considering marriage. Even though our weekend follows the Catholic church’s teachings, couples from all religions are welcome.

Where are the weekends held?

Engaged Encounter Weekends in the Dodge City Diocese are held at the Heartland Retreat Center in Great Bend. A map, directions and phone numbers will be included with the information pack mailed to you before the weekend.

Why make the retreat?

More than merely satisfying diocesan requirements for marriage preparation the Engaged Encounter Weekend give the engaged couples uninterrupted, private time to examine the issues they will encounter in their marriage relationship. They will have the opportunity to consider their place in society. The exploration of the couples’ expectations for their marriage is extremely important.

What happens on the weekend?

Catholic Engaged Encounter is an intense weekend of marriage preparation presented by a team of two married couples and a priest, all of whom rely on their personal experience and stories to encourage the engaged to examine their own relationship.

The format is as follows:

  • presentations by the team
  • questions for the individuals to answer privately
  • time for individuals to discuss privately their thoughts with their fiancé.

Group discussions are generally limited to an informal Saturday night session where any question may be asked and discussed by the entire group. The focus of the weekend follows a natural progression from the individual – to the couple – to the world. During the weekend the Christian values of commitment and responsibility to marriage, to God and to the church community are emphasized. The weekend is designed to facilitate your growth personally and as a couple’ it is not a dictate on the "right" way to live.

What is the cost of the weekend?

The cost of the weekend is $200. This covers the lodging for two nights, the meals for Saturday and Sunday and materials used on the weekend.

How do I register?