Anti-Pornography and Internet Safety Resources

Resources to Prevent Bullying, Violence and Child Abuse​

Anti-Pornography Resources
English Español
Checklist – Is Your Family Safe
7 Steps to Protect Your Family Siete Pasos para Protegar a tu Familiá
Age Appropriate Talking Points Puntos para Hablar de Acuerdo a la Edad
Cycle of Addiction Ciclo de Adicción
Cycle of Pornography Addiction Diagram Ciclo de la Adicción a la Pornografía
When Children Seek Pornography Cuando los Niños Buscan la Pornografía
How Port Hurt You
Tweens & Teens Young Adults
Married Couples Parents
Pornography Statistics Estadísticas de la Pornografía
A note regarding the resources above: A debt of gratitude is owed to the Archdiocese of Omaha for the work of their Anti-Pornography Task force and the resources they have provided to create an awareness of the problem and suggestions to assist parents and families in preventing pornography from becoming a problem.  We are equally grateful to the Diocese of Fresno for the Spanish translations of the Anti-Pornography resources.
Internet Safety Resources
Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet Como Mantener mas Seguros a los Niños en la Internet – Consejos para Pades 
Texting and Chatroom Acronyms Textos y acrónimos de sala de chat
More Chat Acronyms
Gaming Safety
Web Resources for Child Safety – Resource site for Internet safety
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Children Who Are Home Alone Niños que se quedan en casa
Going To and From School More Safely Ir y regresar de la escuela de forma más segura 
General Information
Child Sexual Abuse: What Parents Should Know
Bullying Awareness
Resources to Prevent Bullying, Violence and Child Abuse
Myths About Bullying 
Warning Signs that a Child is Being Bullied senales de Alerta de que un Nino esta Siendo Molestado o Intimidado 
Stop Bullying
Gang Awareness
Addressing Community Gang Problems: A Practical Guide
Parents' Guide to Gangs Guia sobre las pandillas para los padres
Gang Involvement: A Parent's Quick Reference Guide actividades de Pandillas: Tarjeta de Informacion Rapida Para Padres