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Abuse Scandal Information

Please continue to check into this site for more information/updates.


Healing Voices

This special site offers many poignant and personal ways for parishes and individuals to be a part of the healing process. Includes dialogue from victims, family members, priests and many others. 

Policy for the Protection of Children and Young People...

... And Code of Pastoral Conduct for the Catholic Diocese of Dodge City (REVISED January, 2018). Anyone who works or volunteers for the Diocese must make themselves familiar with this in-depth, 20-page document. 

We must be aware of the signs of 'grooming'

OCT. 28, 2018: Before children are sexually abused, they are often "groomed" by abusers. Do you know the signs? 

Five steps to protect children; diocese marks 25 years protecting God's children

OCT. 14, 2018: This page from the Oct. 14, 2018 Southwest Kansas Catholic details what the diocese has done for the past 25 years to protect children. It also highlights five ways that all of us can work to protect God's children.

What is the diocese doing to protect our Children?

SEPT. 16, 2018: This special page in the SW Kansas Catholic offers several questions and answers, including those pertaining to the proper vetting of seminarian candidates.

¿Qué está haciendo la Diócesis para proteger a hijos?

SEPT. 16, 2018

Pope to convene world bishops meeting on abuse crisis

SEPT. 12, 2018: Pope Francis has called a global meeting of all the presidents of the various Bishop's Conferences to meet at the Vatican Feb. 21-24, 2019 to discuss the issue of sexual abuse of minors.

Please Forgive

SEPT. 2, 2018; By Bishop John: "Betrayal." "Sadness." "Shame." "Anger." These are just a few of the words Bishop John used to describe his feelings as the horrific stories from Pennsylvania were revealed.

A Letter to the People of God

AUG. 20, 2018; By Pope Francis: "With shame and repentance, we acknowledge as an ecclesial community that we were not where we should have been, that we did not act in a timely manner, realizing the magnitude and the gravity of the damage done to so many lives...."

From the U.S. Bishops' Conference

AUG. 16, 2018: President of the U.S. Bishop's Conference announces effort that will involve laity, experts and the Vatican as U.S. Bishops resolve to address "moral catastrophe."




From Bishop John Brungardt:

We grieve for the children abused by priests and others.  The horrendous sin and crime of sexual abuse brings us feelings of anger, shame, outrage, disgust, and sadness.  To the victims and their families, I am sorry.  Please forgive us bishops, priests and other ministers of the Gospel for what we have done, or what we have failed to do.  To the adults who have been sexually abused by those in positions of power and control in the Church, I am sorry, please forgive us.  We pray for your healing in the Lord.  He will heal all.  “And one of them, realizing he had been healed, returned, glorifying God” (Luke 17:15).

We bishops pledge to seek justice for the perpetrators and enablers of sexual abuse by members of the Church.  We pray for the repentance and forgiveness of the abusers and those in power that allowed this terrible sin to continue.  “It is [the Lord] who judges the world with justice” (Psalm 9:9).

We need more assistance by the laity and civil authorities.  I pledge to seek wisdom from our independent Diocesan Review Board (comprised of six lay persons and one priest), regarding how we can improve our Safe Environment program (Protecting God’s Children).  I welcome your suggestions.  Since 2003, we have held more than 400 awareness sessions for more than 8,000 priests, deacons, seminarians, employees, volunteers and parishioners of the Catholic Diocese of Dodge City.  I encourage every adult in the diocese to take an awareness session.  Together, we can improve our response to this terrible tragedy, and keep our children, youth, and adults safe.

If you or someone you know may have been a victim of sexual abuse by clergy, an employee or volunteer of the Catholic Diocese of Dodge City, please contact:
• Dave Snapp, Diocesan Review Board administrator: (620) 225-5051 work; (620) 225-2412 home; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or
• Children and Families, Kansas Protection Report Center Hotline: 1-800-922-5330.

We all bring this to prayer to our Loving God.  We draw strength from our sacramental life: Confession and Eucharist (Holy Communion).  We fast.  We take comfort from St. Peter:  “Cast all your worries upon [God] because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).  Jesus our Savior loves us so much.  

+Bishop John B. Brungardt


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