Stewardship 202 A Call to Discipleship

We begin this Lesson with a review of the last issue Stewardship 101. Previously, it was clarified that God does not want your money and stewardship, erroneously, has been camouflaged as a means of raising money as needs arise. In this writing I would like to focus on the deep meaning of living a stewardship way of life. Let us begin with an excerpt from the U.S. Bishops 1992 pastoral, “Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response.” Following Jesus is the work of a lifetime. At every step forward, one is challenged to go further in accepting and loving God’s will. Being a disciple is not just something else to do, alongside many other things suitable for Christians, it is a vital way of life and requires continuing conversion. Notice from this excerpt that being a steward of God’s goodness begins with Discipleship. But even more basic, vocation. Pope John Paul II wrote, “Only in the unfolding of the history of our lives and its events is the eternal plan of God revealed to each of us” (Christifideles Laici, 58). Every personal vocation is unique. Simply stated, everyone’s vocation is different. We can find common ground, however. When we begin living out our vocation we become disciples of Christ. Answering the Call through vocation, leads to discipleship. The natural progression ultimately leads to stewardship.

Take a moment to consider vocation alone. If you are a welder, an insurance agent, secretary, nurse, married, parent or grandparent, these are all vocations. A vocation does not necessarily mean religious life. Is does, however, mean living out your life for God. It means being the very best welder, using good ethical business practices, being compassionate, honoring your spouse, and being a good example for grandchildren. All the above means of earning a living and ways of life can be vocation in the context you do all them to honor God. He gave you the abilities, honor Him by using them well. If you are having difficulty figuring out what you are called to do, ask the folks around you, listen to them. Listen to God. Many times the people around you will see gifts you have that you would never consider pursuing as a career or ministry. Be very aware of those comments, God could be working through them to get to you. In addition, be open. Great freedom can be experienced when God is allowed into your soul to do His work. An example, have you ever meet someone or have a coworker that loves their job? Not a clock puncher but a person that most days they are a work you cannot tell if they are at work or at play. Look for a person like that, they are a joy to be around. That is a perfect example of someone living out their vocation. Some understand the spiritual aspect of some do not. What is more important is if that person you meet understands that God allows them to perform that work. I have been blessed to meet several people like that, one works with children, the other, my dad, delivers packages to eager recipients. They get it. And it is very inspirational.

If God has called you to be where you are at, be the best you can be. Be the best husband, wife, student, welder, nurse, delivery man or whatever you are. If not, start today by asking God for His plan to be revealed to you and be open to it. Heck, if you would have ask me if my family would be moving to Dodge City I would have told you that you are nuts and need medication. But this where we are supposed to be. Becoming disciples.

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