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Using the Gift

I read a book and need to speak again about the divinity of work and faith. The book espoused about people in America who became millionaires and billionaires. What was interesting was the number of the exceptionally wealthy folks whom never completed a college education. The list follows;

Bill Gates and Paul Allen Microsoft
Michael Dell Dell Computer
Larry Ellison


Jan Van Andel and Richard DeVos Amway
Steve Jobs Apple Computer
Thomas Monaghan Domino's Pizza
Jim Jannard Oakley Sunglasses
Peter Jennings ABC News
Harry S. Truman U.S. President
Debra Fields Mrs. Fields Cookies
Stephen Spielberg Movie Director
Ralph Lauren Clothing Designer
Ted Turner Turner Networks
Wayne Huizenga Blockbuster Video
Walter Cronkite CBS News

Why would I write about these people with extra ordinary incomes? Doesn’t it go against a Christian life of poverty? Perhaps, but we have to go back to the life a steward. I will not comment on the spirituality of these people or the lack there of for that matter. But when we really appreciate living a stewardship life it is no surprise that when a person answers God’s call and uses the gifts they have been given, excellence in a particular field of work and life in general can be achieved. When I was teaching I would regularly ask students, “Do you really thing Bill Gates works for the money?” In my opinion no, he works to make things better, to innovate, and to achieve. The money is a byproduct of his efforts. To his credit he established The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation that gives millions away to their favorite causes.

I get quite a charge when reading about folks who are successful. God gave each one of us gifts we should identify and use. For many of us those gifts will be expressed in how we earn a living. Whether or not the folks in the list know it or not, there is no way they would be who they are or achieve what they have without God involved. It is our work to realize and follow through with God’s plan for us. Whether it is a life like Thomas Monaghan or a life like Mother Theresa, we are expected to answer however He asks and glorify his name. Will it be easy? No, think back the buzzard story. Do we need conversion and to change our thinking? Yes, think back to the elephant story. Do we need to trust God’s divine plan? Most certainly. If you are still in doubt, read what St. Augustine left us. “God loves each one of us as if there was only one of us to love.” He has a plan for each of us. It is up to us to listen to him. By the way, if my children ever read this, “it a criminal offence not to attend college”. Love Dad

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