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Shall We Dance?

If you have never attended the Chrism Mass I can tell you it is an impressive event. Many of our Priests were there as well as lay people from all over the Diocese. If you have a notion to attend, it is certainly worth a day from work. At the luncheon, Bishop Gilmore told a story from his youth where a teacher prepared his class for a school dance. He and many of students were born with two left feet so she taught them the popular dances of the time. After few lessons, he and his classmates were ready. However, at the dance, the boys quickly found one side of the room, the girls the other. What happened? They all new the right steps. Bishop went on to say they did not know how much they needed each other. It does take to two to tango, errr waltz. I find that dancing relationship to be very true in our church and we see it all the time. The parish finance council and the school, the chancery office and the parish, the girls on one side the boys on the other. It seems we lose sight of our purpose. Money, time, turf, all those parts versus the needs of the whole. Bishop Gilmore’s point is well taken, we need each other. The chancery office needs the local parishes and the local parishes need the chancery and so on and so forth. The larger purpose has to be sought out. We as stewards of our church must work together. The borders of our Church extend well beyond the parking lot, county, and state lines.

So what are we to do? We need to begin understanding that we are in this thing together. We are obligated as Catholics to support one another and bring each other closer to Christ. If we have a school, it should be that parish’s mission to insure its long term success. The chancery has a commitment to support and find programs that help parishes bring our families to life. John Maxwell wrote that “nothing great is achieved alone, it takes a team”. We are all team members of this Catholic faith, more over, we are a family. Granted we may not agree or like every decision a family member(s) makes but we still love and support them anyway. Unconditional love works that way. Anyone who is married fully appreciates that concept.

The next time the tug of war between occurs between members of our parish, priest, chancery, school, or even other individuals, let us not forget the mission we have been placed here to fulfill. By using the gifts (wisdom, intelligence, work ethic) we have been given, and trusting God to fulfill our immediate needs, we can over come obstacles and enjoy the dance.

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