What is your gift?

This article is shared with permission from Deb Ingino at mywiredstyle.com

There’s a Walmart somewhere in the Midwest.

And in this Walmart is very special gift.

You won’t find it on a shelf anywhere in the store.  You will find it at the front door.  You see, there is a greeter there who dispenses it daily.  It is the gift of inspiration.

This greeter is the brother of one of our readers.  He is a hard-working young man who supports his family by using his gift.  We learned of him a couple of weeks ago in response to the fifth chapter in our series on leadership, "Leadership Health". This young man was in a serious accident several years ago.  He suffered a debilitating brain injury.  He went through grueling medical procedures and extensive therapy, but he never gave up.

There were those, I’m sure, who concluded he would never work again, never have a family, and never have a normal life.  Well, they were right about one thing.  He doesn’t have a normal life.  He has an extraordinary one.  His never-give-up attitude and his cheerfulness in the face of incredible adversity was such an inspiration to folks that someone started a Facebook fan page for him – and, get this, he has 5,000 followers.  What an amazing person he is.

So here we are (and I do say, “we” because I’m right there with you) in the midst of the frenzied countdown to the holidays.  We’ve just celebrated my wonderful daughter’s birthday; I am finishing up a career and a myriad of projects attached thereto; I am ramping up my business for full-time, busily laying in place the pieces for 2012; and then, of course, there are all the holiday plans clamoring for my attention as well.  What’s a gal to do?

I think, for just a little bit, I’m going to STOP and be INSPIRED.  I am going to think of this young man at Walmart, and I’m going to be inspired by his amazing gift to overcome the incredible odds.

So let me ask you.  What is your gift?  And what are you doing with it?  Are you giving it away and blessing thousands, or are you hiding it and blessing none?  Do you even know what your gift is?  Sometimes our gifts are born of pain.  Sometimes they are unearthed by others.  Sometimes we just stumble across them as if by accident.  What if you found your gift and used it?  Would it make a difference to just one person?  Could it change a life?  There are so many people in history - normal, everyday people - people who probably thought, I have no special gift.

“I’m just a ___.”

Yet, these are the people who changed the world, people like our friend at Walmart.  He’s probably thinking, “I’m just a greeter.”  But we all know he’s much more than that.

This Christmas season, we are reminded how one life can change the world:  one little baby born in the most humble surroundings; one young man who was “just a carpenter’s son”; one man who had no home to call his own; one man who suffered cruel injustice; one man who gave his gift – his life - to the world.

Did you ever think, “Why would the Son of God be born and raised a commoner?”  I think it’s a pattern for the rest of us commoners.  We have a gift.  It is ours to share, whether we are a carpenter’s son or a Walmart greeter.

This season, I challenge you to find your gift and give it to your world.  Honor this young man by using YOUR gift to inspire others as he does.


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