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If your happiness is based on always getting a little more than you've got...

Brothers and sisters, the Bishops in their pastoral letter on stewardship say "This is a culture in which destructive "isms"- materialism, relativism, hedonism, individualism, consumerism-- exercise seductive, powerful influences". With this is in mind I am reposting a blog by Seth Godin that speaks about this very topic. Click here to go to Seth's blog.

If your happiness is based on always getting a little more than you've got...then you've handed control over your happiness to the gatekeepers, built a system that doesn't scale and prevented yourself from the brave work that leads to a quantum leap.

The industrial system (and the marketing regime) adore the mindset of 'a little bit more, please', because it furthers their power. A slightly higher paycheck, a slightly more famous college, an incrementally better car--it's easy to be seduced by this safe, stepwise progress, and if marketers and bosses can make you feel dissatisfied at every step along the way, even better for them.

Their rules, their increments, and you are always on a treadmill, unhappy today, imagining that the answer lies just over the next hill...
All the data shows us that the people on that hill are just as frustrated as the people on your hill. It demonstrates that the people at that college are just as envious as the people at this college. The never ending cycle (no surprise) never ends.

An alternative is to be happy wherever you are, with whatever you've got, but always hungry for the thrill of creating art, of being missed if you're gone and most of all, doing important work.

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