Who’s fault is it anyway? Surely not mine…or maybe…

This may be a bit disjointed but that is my writing style today, read on. So I’ve celebrated five years as stewardship director for our diocese. Looking back I find myself observing that there is not much different now that when I came regarding the practice and proliferation of stewardship as a way of life. Grrr. But, with a ton of reading lately I have found I am not practicing what I preach. Hmmmm.

I am rereading err re-listening to a book by Seth Godin titled Small is the New Big. In the first part of the book he teaches that if a message is not being heard, if no one is paying attention to an idea concept, it is NOT the fault of the receiver. Rather, it is the fault of the person delivering the message. So if people in the pew are not paying any attention to the message of stewardship that is my fault, not others. Ouch!

Next, I’ve read a hundred times if I read it once the importance of a story in conveying an idea in books like Made to Stick, and Switch. Plus from writers like Seth Godin, Kevin Miller, and from none other than Jesus! Not Jesus that runs the taco wagon but Jesus, the big guy, died and rose from the dead, that guy. His life was all about teaching through stories. Holy cow why are we (I) so thick?

So how do we (I) tell a story that is worth someone else giving a few seconds of attention to listen to? First I don’t think it can be any old story. Sure each of us might hear something that touches us we modify and repeat. Heck I do that all time. I get an electric charge when I hear an idea a speaker or author delivers that challenges my thinking. Frankly I get giddy. But the point is the story has to be authentic and told from our heart. That is step one. Second, I think another answer is interest. What do each of us find so interesting that we want to tell others about it. If we thing for a moment we find we all do it. Whether it be our kids, Harleys, wine, sports team, favorite restaurant, blog, or myriad of hobbies. We surround ourselves with people that are interested in similar things we enjoy. Then we tell our stories to each other over and over.

So I find myself reflecting, re-evaluating my story. What do I find so interesting about stewardship that others might be interested in hearing, learning and living more of. Well, I have a bunch of ideas. Hmmmm, doubt I figure it out at the taco wagon. Better visit more with the other guy.

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