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Can a Heart Leap

I have been on a thought tangent lately about our churches lack or total absence in helping people discover who God called them to be. Not just taking a personality test, not an afternoon workshop, but a real tangible gut wrenching process to discover what God has given us and how to use it for His greater glory. This is a long walk, a journey.


I have no idea how to create or begin this process. What I will offer is validation this type of ministry would benefit a church and more importantly the people it serves. Sir Ken Robinson’s brilliant book “The Element” goes to great length defining, supposing, and validating the idea that each of us are gifted in some unique way  that discovered and used, is of great benefit to each of us. I have participated in several types of these sessions one being Called and Gifted through my church. Again, the purpose being that yes we are all gifted by God with something. This process helped me tease out what charisms or gifts God has given which I am glad to indulge because when I am using them, I am in the zone! Man what a feeling! Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers explains a story of a Jewish immigrant that “danced a jig” when he discovered an idea for a business to support his family. Did this person dance a jig because he discovered a lucrative idea? Perhaps. Or, did he dance a jig because he found an area to apply his natural talents, gifts, and skills? I think the latter.


What makes a heart leap? What is that activity that when an opportunity to engage it comes up we can feel that awesome rush of emotion from deep inside coming up to the surface hoping, craving to get out and make a difference? Imagine if our church, even our work place had a systematic way to help each person discover who they are, how they are called, and how they can make a true difference. Lives would be changed.

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