I heard it again more catechesis

So it goes. At another event about church stuff the topic again turned to why no one shows, no one wants to get involved, and a variety of related bemoaning. Per usual, a well intentioned person says "we need more catechesis". For those that do not know that $5 Catholic word, it means "oral instruction". For the US Bishop's definition, CLICK HERE.

Anyone here but me believe that philosophy won't work? Before I am flamed by readers, yes I believe in catechesis. Good book learning is very valuable indeed. But I think that part is second. I wrote an article titled Loving More Learning Less. The idea is that filling heads with facts will NOT work as well as filling hearts with love (show people we give a rip they exist). We as church need to love people enough to go on a journey with them into church. Then we can begin teaching, at their level, at their pace. Challenging of course, but loving first. If filling a person's head with facts worked, no one would smoke, there would be no obesity, and each of us would have six pack abs. But the truth is, facts reaffirm behavior, facts work less to create it.

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