I think there were more doubters than the bible let on.

I had this grand thought while on a run. Remember when Jesus was teaching the Jews about the Eucharist in the temple and some followers left and some didn’t? Read my eloquently paraphrased version below or Read the text –click here.

Jesus – Eat and live forever, don’t and die

Crowd – (in their minds) What the heck?

Jesus – (laughing in his mind) You don’t buy it do you?

Some in the crowd – Brother, we don’t buy this. See Ya!

Jesus – (quite) See ya.

Jesus – (to those that did not leave) So are you guys in or out?

Peter – Dude, we’ve hung with you this long. We’re in.

Jesus – Rock on Pete.



So a bunch of people left and few stayed. My curiosity is how many stayed? We know 12ish did, but how many more? And of that group, I wonder how many people liked what Jesus said but still had doubts? Like in an election year, most people have a candidate they like on most issues but not all issues. They believe in a candidate but…  So I am quite curious how many people followed Jesus like we follow political candidates.

I mentioned in a previous post that we church going folks often do not love our neighbors enough to take on a journey from their starting point. That is important to understand for this reason. I think many people in the pews treat “church” and Jesus and other churchy stuff just like we treat election season. “I like the sacraments but reconciliation not so much”, “I like sex so sign me up for birth control”. And these are the easy issues. If Bob calls himself Catholic, votes for Obama, then admit is in church, there are some people that would scourge Bob and pray he will burst into flames.

At this point I am not sure where to go with this writing other than it seems, at our core, we humans have not changed much in 2000 years.

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