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A Good Story, Hijacked

“Last year, I had to go through all twelve months of my bank statements and highlight anything I could write off. At firt I started the assignement sort of excited, because I thought I might save money on my taxes. As I highlighted potential business write-offs, however, I began to realize the stuff I spent money on was, in many ways, the sum of my ambitions. And those ambitions weren’t the stuff of good stories. “

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Donald Miller, pg 121.

In my line of work I have said on many occasion that a person’s checkbook is  a reflection of their values. I believe that to be absolutely true. Especially if you are middle class like me. About any person that might read this article has enough money. Beyond the basics of life everything else is luxury. Yes we have enough. So we church going types are to examine our check books and bank accounts to see how we steward our financial resources for the Lord. But today it occurred to me, I’ve never asked my church to complete the same exercise. I’ve never really questioned where my gifts of treasure go. I know much of it goes to our school and payroll, maintenance of the physical plant and utilities. But I have not asked how much of our resources help people beyond our parking lot.

In Donald Miller’s book he contemplates his life built around living a good story. What kind of story is our church living? The question is worth asking.

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