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Do the Sacraments get in the way?

I have no gripes with doctrine or dogma of the Catholic Church but I am truly bothered with the evolution of sacraments as check points or mile markers. This idea does not apply to some people that would stumble across this writing but certainly to the many people that fill the pews and don’t fill the pews.  At what point did sacraments go from being an ultimate way of being in union with Jesus to items on a check list, especially Confirmation? Did administrators and clergy place too much emphasis on process and time tables? Is the attainment of the sacraments all that pew setters have time for? How did this evolution occur? I am not quite sure but I know I don’t like it.

Ultimately I think, if many Catholics treat the sacraments as a checklist, then we need to help connect people to Jesus in other ways so the sacraments are treated as they should be, the ultimate invitation to intimacy with the One who created us. This view is different. When I set aside my agenda and consider the need of another person, I begin a process of conversion. When I act on consideration and become the hands and feet of Jesus I am converted a little. I become a little more like Jesus. When I reach out to my neighbor, then join them for the sacraments my prayer is magnified a thousand times making my heart open to Jesus in a most intimate way. I receive Him and He receives me, one in body blood soul and divinity.

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