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A totally rocking job title

Kaitlyn Rawley has the best job title ever. She is the Happiness Engineer at What the heck is a Happiness Engineer? I don't know either but with a job title like that who cares. I doubt she is washing windows and using the plunger with any regularity. I imagine, and this is just guess, she and her boss Matt Warner some how determined she had skills that would make Flocknote a better business and the rest is history. I would reckon to she came up with the title.

I think the lesson in this story is that not every one could be a Happiness Engineer. It would take a person like Kaitlyn. A person with her gifts and talents to do that work. It reaffirms my belief that each person on earth can have great job title, but only if the job reflects who they are. And, what God put them on this earth to do.

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