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2 Simple ways to make your website user friendly

Many parishes have websites and I have two tutorials that will help you make your site more valuable for people that visit. These were specifically designed for Solutio Built website but guess what? The idea will cross about any site and email!

The first idea is to insert a link to your content. This idea is easy and FREE! It costs nothing to add a link to another idea, article, video, email address, or podcast. And, by adding a link in your content you can control where your visitors go. I'm sure you are aware there is plenty of cooky stuff on the web. 

The second idea is to add a video to you website. Video is huge and ads tons of value to your ideas. Again, you get to control and guide the conversation by providing the sources of information. As with links, videos free from sites like Youtube. One caveat, videos cannot be embedded in email the same way as a website. 

Go make a difference in your parish by adding great value to your work and to the lives you affect. 

PS -- these ideas will work on Wordpress websites and many others. Go get em.

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