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Connection, Trust, and Asking, how am I doing?

I read Amanda Palmer's book "The Art of Asking". Another author I listen to and read has referenced Amanda's ideas and I have been curious. Plus, I was quite taken with her TED talk I watched quite sometime ago. The video actually summarizes the book quite well, however, you will miss why her ideas work. 


The book and video are about "asking" for help which seems pretty simple. What is not so simple is all the work that goes into preparing our audience, our fans, supporters.....parishioners for the ask. 

Preparing for the ask, how does that work? Let's talk about the kinds of asks in our parishes.

First, there is the financial ask. We have a need to build or buy something, tell the folks what it is, they give, the parish buys. Pretty simple. Or, there is an event and the parish needs people or things to do stuff. Again, make a case, make an invitation and boom, people and stuff. This can be slightly more difficult that asking for money but we do it routinely. 

Then there is Amanda's ask. Amanda does things a bit different. As she created her career she provided value and connection with her audience. This was done in a variety of ways but was through Twitter, her blog and other forms of digital media. It was being available to fans during live performances. It was a multitude of connections over time which allowed her fans to ultimately trust her, and she trust them.

Because this virtual relationship and connection, when Amanda was ready to ask, her audience wanted to help. Re-read the last three words of that sentence, "wanted to help". 

When it comes to weekly collections at our church do our folks "want" to help because the parish provides so much? Or do the folks give out of obligation or something else? The same could be said for volunteers. Do they want to help or is there another less noble motivation?

Amanda didn't coerce her audience, she didn't beg for support or have a big ad budget to start. She started out as a street performer as a silent living statue after all. Doesn't get much more low budget than that. No she provided value in her art and connection. 

These are the questions I ask when I go to Mass and look around at people. These are very very good people I am with on Sunday. If the parish suddenly closed would anyone miss it? If I didn't show would the parish notice? Do these people feel connected to others in the parish? Do I trust the parish to do what they tell me? Does the parish trust me?

Amanda has created a very unique movement in her industry. One worth studying. 

Connection, Trust, and Asking, how are you doing? Leave your comment in the comment box.

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