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Electronic Giving Options to make giving hassle free

Electronic giving in a parish in the Diocese of Dodge City can be the difference between a whole lot of the same. Or, an extra little shot every month in the bottom line. Per a request from the Catholic Church in LaCrosse, I organized a few resources for your consideration. Here are a couple companies active in our diocese with different parishes. Almost all the companies will clone an existing websites look and feel so parishioners don’t know they are on a third party site. The fees vary but at the end of the day it is a cost of doing business. 

For well intended Parish finance council numbers people. THE FEES ARE IRRELEVANT. The difference in income will more than cover any fees! Offering electronic giving is an act of hospitality. Many parishioners are writing one check per week. It is to their parish. Make giving convenient. It is not about the parish, but a person's need to give. Make it simple FOR THEM!

The chancery does not endorse one company or method over another. We do support the use of electronic giving very much. 

Vanco Electronic giving - The pricing page

Parishes using Vanco:

*Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Dodge City
*St. Dominic - Garden City - Side note. St. Dominic is the most effective at using electronic giving. This is in part to regular pulpit announcements encouraging people to use it. I think approx. 20% of their weekly income comes from ETF in various formats.
*Prince of Peace - Great Bend 

Parish Giving

*St Andrew Wright – Fr. Bob praises the simplicity of this system. He equates the benefit of ETF to “another bad Sunday” worth of income. Meaning, calculate what a lower Sunday offering would be at your parish. That is the amount of extra income at Wright due to ETF. 

I will update this post with additional information as it comes in. 



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