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LED vs Florescent bulbs

Today we are talking about stewardship of the environment. Four foot florescent lights are likely all over your parish and home. As an experiment, the chancery office is trying out 12 LED lights to replace bulbs in fixtures with bad ballasts. 

A bit of history first. The large diameter T12 bulbs we have all know for years are being phased out. Soon only T8 will be available, the smaller diameter florescent bulbs. To go from T12 to T8 requires one to replace the ballast to match the T8 bulb. Expect the ballast to be from $11 to $22 to make the T8 change plus the cost of the T8 bulbs.

Knowing what is coming and having 3 bad ballasts to replace anyway, I bought a case of 12 Hyperikon Replacement LED bulbs off Amazon. These had great reviews and are reasonably priced.  

I watched several Youtube videos showing how to make the switch. There is a modest bit of rewiring before you can use the LED bulbs. It is quite easy really. Another bocuns, you can cut out the ballast and recycle it. All the ballasts in the image on the right are what I removed from three, four bulb fixtures. 

Regarding wiring, if readers would like a tutorial video showing how to rewire the fixture, I am glad to provide that. Do have an electrician double check work to ensure the safety of the buildings that are having bulbs replaced. 


Onto the light. Once the bulbs have been replaced the difference is noticeable. We actually removed two of the four bulbs in the fixture due to the brightness. Reference the photos to see the difference in LED and Florescent light. 

Florescent to LED experiment
Florescent LED

Electricity savings.

Consider the following with florescent bulbs, the fixtures had 4 bulbs each at 40 watts/bulb. Using LED bulbs we used two bulbs at 18 watts/bulb. Mathematically speaking we are saving 77% electricity mathematically. See chart below.

Florescent 4 bulbs x 40 watts = 160/fixture Saving 124 watts or 77% electricity
LED 2 bulbs x 18 watts = 36/fixture  

Over time their is significant savings of electricity.

Next steps. The chancery office will be changing out florescent bulbs for LED as ballasts fail throughout the building. The main floor lobby will be converted much sooner as it is the main gathering space and a common look and feel is desired. 

This article was created to help parishes in the Diocese of Dodge City. If any questions arise please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a comment in the comment box. 


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