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Stewardship Formation

The Documents below will help your parish understand the true meaning of stewardship as a way of life. Both are designed for individual or small group study. Hard copies can be ordered by contacting the Stewardship Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

USCCB: Stewardship: a Disciples Response Disciple as Steward ~ English
Stewardship with Hispanics Disciple as Stewards ~ Spanish


P2 Rebuilt Church Rev Michael White, Tom Corcoran
01 An Introduction to the Spirituality of Stewardship Rev Darrin Gurr
02 Forming Teens and Their Leaders as Stewards of Their Talents JoAnn Miller, Stephanie Moore
03 Hitting the Mother Load, Stewardship in the Writings of Pope Francis Mary Ann Otto
04 Parish Strategic Planning Dr. Dan Ebener
05 El Papa Francisco Y un Nuevo Modelo De Corresponsabilidad Padre Milton A Rivera
06 The Sky is the Limit When Using Social Media Scott Whitaker
07 A Transformative Campaign Christ Cathedral Emerges from the Crystal Cathedral Cynthia Bobruk, Joseph Zamorano
10 Practicing Stewardship Before We Preach It Brian Niebrugge
11 Sharing the Faith with the seven Pillars of Evangelization Chris Stewart, Tony Brandt
12 Introducing A Financial Catechesis for Pastors Leslie T Maiman Jr
13 Social Media and Apps Essential Tools to Enhance Your E-Giving and Events Ministries W. Brian Walsh
14 Compartir la Fe con los Siete Pilares de la Evangelización Héctor Molina
15 Thriving Not Just Surviving in the Role of the Diocesan Stewardship and Development Director Mark Mogilka
17 Communicating a Message of Everyday Stewardship Tracy and Earl Welliver
19 Introducing Stewardship to the Parish Patricia Spivey
20 Best Practices for a Successful Stewardship Renewal Betsy Quinn, Nancy Kerns, Larry Cadornig
21 Stewarding Our Elders Barb Kubiszak
22 From Crisis Management to Stewardship, A New Way to Shepherd Our Parishioners Debbie Le Sage
23 Familias como Corresponsables de los Dones de Dios Carlos H. Proaño
26 The Virtues of Moble Apps for Dioceses and Parishes Mike DiCosola
28 Hospitality A Foundational Element of Parish Stewardship Success Christina Bax
29 Building Bridges to the Heart of the Community Leisa Anslinger, Stephanie Moore
30 Clergy to Clergy A Stewardship Forum for Priests Reverend Daryl Befort
31 8 Steps to Transform Parish Communications Travis Gear, Al Jirak
32 Cómo Incorporar los Beneficios de la Corresponsabilidad en una Parroquia Myrtha I, Díaz Medina
37 Open Wide the Door - Sharing Our Time and Talent Wherever and However We are Called Mary Kennedy
38 Consumers to Stewards, Helping Your Parishioners Grow in Faith Tom Corcoran
39 The Role of Stewardship in the New Evangelization Lois Locey
40 Effective Management in a Parish Cluster, The Journey of Richmond Catholic Community Jim Mackey
41 Prácticas de Corresponsabilidad con los Católicos Hispanos Joseph Ciro
46 The Spirituality of Money Rev Andrew Kemberling
47 Following Pope Francis, Lead, Forming Stewards in the Evangelizing Community Leisa Anslinger
48 Liturgy, Music, and Stewardship Tom Kendzia
49 Advancements in Websites to Serve Partnered, Clustered or Merged Parishes and Schools Eileen Pecoraro
50 Manteniendo Viva la Corresponsabilidad Prbro. Monseñor Matthew Bernelli
52 Successful Stewardship and Development Strategies in Mission Dioceses - A panel discussion Rob Anderson, Judy Held, John Kurey, Rosie Rodriguez, John Mark Willcox
55 Best Practices of Successful Stewardship Parishes Eric McArdle
56 Keeping Parish Stewardship Alive and Vibrant Rev Joe Creedon
57 Stewardship of Time - Achieving Greater Fulfillment in Your Busy Catholic Life Rev Mark Wagner, Krist Marsella
58 Best Practices for Management and Security of Parish Data Michael Lee
59 Cultivando liderazgo de servicio en la Parroquia Luis Pico
60 Best Practices for a Successful Stewardship Event Julie Kenny, Terri Preskar
62 Breathing New Life into Your Parish Stewardship Commission Jim Kelley
64 The Evangelizing Role of the Lay Witness Cande de Leon
65 A Parish Shares Its Stewardship Story Blessed Sacrament Parish, Wichita KS
66 Stewardship and Youth Jane Angha
68 Compartir Nuestras Historias de Corresponsabilidad Myrtha Diaz-Medina, Carlos H. Proaño
2014 ICSC Sessions
01 An Introduction to the Spirituality of Christian Stewardship Rev. John Jirak, J.C.L
02 Stewardship Formation for Parish Leaders Rev. Mark Wagner, Kristi Marsella
03 Strong Catholic Families, Strong Catholic Youth Diane Kledzik
05 La Teologia y Espiritualidad de la Corresponsabilidad Rev. Donald F. Hanchon
06 Fifteen Principles of Catholic Stewardship and Development Jim Lanahan
07 Taking Parish Engagement to the Next Level: The Archdiocese of Seattle Experience Rick Fersch, Scott Bader
10 Reaching the Target: Communications Insights for the Modern Church Ann Masden, John Mark Willcox
11 The Counter Culture Nature of Stewardship in Contemporary America Rev. Monsignor Jacques Plante
12 Incorporating Stewardship Teachings into Parish Religious Education and Faith Formation Brian Lemoi
13 Our Stewardship Journey in the Diocese of Georgetown, Guyana Most Rev. Francis Dean, Alleyne, OSB, Rock Beharry
14 What Should eGiving Cost My Parish? W. Brian Walsh
15 La Corresponsabilidad del Tesoro Velia V. Cardona
20 Stewards of Our Neighbors: Starting a Parish Recovery Support Ministry for Families Rev. John Bonavitacola
21 Engaging Young Adults More Effectively Scott Whitaker
22 The Year of the Good and Faithful Steward Stephanie Moore
23 Sharing the Faith with the Seven Pillars of Evangelization Chris Stewart, Tony Brandt
24 Making the Most of Technology in the Parish Rev. Ronald Wearsch
25 La Hospitalidad es Fundamental para la Corresponsabilidad de la Parroquia Coni Perez
26 A Comprehensive View of Diocesan Stewardship Formation Dave Baranowski
27 Best Practices for a Successful and Engaging Online Program Mike Stone
29 Impact of Changing Demographics on Catholic Giving Robert Sharpe, Jr.
30 Four Cardinal Virtues of Digital Communications Travis Gear, Al Jirak
31 Stewardship of Treasure Deacon Bob Beehner
32 Increasing Engagement and Stewardship through a Parish Covenant Stephanie Moore Leisa Anslinger
33 Stewardship and its Role in the New Evangelization Lois Locey
34 The Business of Parish Ministry-Fiscal Stewardship Michael Zirkle
35 Introduciendo la Corresponsabilidad en la Parroquia Myrtha Diaz, Rev. Angel Ciappi, Virgen M Vivera-Colon
41 Hospitality is Fundamental to Parish Stewardship Coni Perez
42 Refresh, Recharge, Renew: An Exercise in Good Stewardship Michael Lee
43 Stewardship of the Poor: The Phillippines Experience Jose Clemente
44 Protecting the Parish: An Exercise in Good Stewardship Michael Lee
45 Como Mantenar Viva la Corresponsabilidad en la Parroquia Carlos H. Proano
49 Understanding, Inviting, and Investing in the Hispanic Community Joseph Citro
50 New Strategic Planning for Parishes Kevin Lynch
51 Introducing Stewardship in a Parish Mary Ann Otto
52 Celebrating Your Parish! Engage Parishioners for Abundance Terry Poplava
53 Forming Parish Servant Leaders Dr. Dan Ebener
54 Getting Your Parish Connected through Digital Live Streaming Deacon Bill Timmes, Kevin Hagan
55 Estrategias Efectivas para Fomentar el Desarrollo de Catolicos Hispanos en los Areas de Corresponsabilidad, Discipulado, Evangelizacion, y Liderazgo Joseph Citro
56 Becoming More Effective with Social Media Scott Whitaker
61 Recruiting and Forming Your Parish Stewardship Committee Jim Kelley
62 Stewardship of Time and Talent Melissa Findley
63 Clergy to Clergy: Stewardship Forum for Priests Rev. Joe Creedon, Rev. John Bonavitacola, Rev. Daryl Befort, Most Rev. Donald F. Hanchon
65 La Corresponsabilidad y Evangelizacion para Jovenes Hispanos Angelica "Vivi" Inglesias
70 Integrating the Concept of Stewardship into the Education and Faith Formation of the Catholic School Children Dr. Alberto Vazquez Matos
71 Engaging People as Disciples and Stewards: An Introduction to Parish Engagement Leisa Anslinger
72 A Parish Community Shares Its Stewardship Story Members St. Mary Magdalen Parish Altamonte Springs, Florida
73 Keeping Stewardship Alive in the Parish Rev. Joe Creedon
75 Planeacion Estrategica Parroquial: Desde el Discipulado hasta el Subsidio Rev. Angel Ciappi, Luis Pico-Lacomba Velia V. Cardona Pantojas

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