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Beware of Adoration

The title sounds scary, but now that I have your attention you can let your guard down. When we moved to Dodge, my wife and I signed up for an adoration hour. Maybe I should say, I signed us up and she said, “OK.” We normally take turns Monday morning from 12:00 am to 1:00 a.m. so, we have no excuse not to make it. I have been reading the New Catholic Catechism for Adults when it is my turn. I do this mostly because my wife chided me for reading secular books which I am technically not supposed to do. Personally, I thought Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry was a religious experience, but Chris shot me down. Back to the Catechism; I am up to chapter to six which explains Adam and Eve and their story. I am not sure why that chapter spoke

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Be Selfish

Did you know there is an International Council that helps parishes and diocese promote and live stewardship? Well now you know! Stop by this page monthly to read the latest happenings in stewardship. Each month a new newsletter will be posted in both Spanish and English to help you personally and your parish live stewardship. It it too important not to live. The Bishop's Pastoral says it best "Once one chooses to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, Stewardship is not an option."

International Catholic Stewardship Council July Newsletter - English

International Catholic Stewardship Council July Newsletter - Spanish

If your parish would like to take Stewardship to the next level, consider joining ICSC! Serve One Another!


Who is the Good and Faithful Steward? A Bishop's Response

Earlier this year, The Most Reverend Paul A. Zipfel, Bishop of Bismarck, North Dakota, wrote a pastoral letter on stewardship titled, Who is the Good and Faithful Steward? In this pastoral, the bishop responded to three sets of questions that are frequently asked by Catholics who hear the word "stewardship" but who are not sure what it means - or how it applies to them. Here are some excerpts from Bishop Zipfel's reflections, edited for use in The Good Steward Newsletter:
1. Who is a Christian steward? What does it mean to live stewardship?

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Perceived or Real?


One main component of living a stewardship life is to recognize our uniqueness, our gifts and use the to glorify our God. The video below shows how despite a potential limit, a unique gift emerged. What potential limit is holding you back? Is it perceived?

Thank you to Pam from the Prince of Peace, Great Bend for passing along this video. 

New Resources!

Hey friends,

I continually search for resources to help you bring people to Christ. I found a great link that explains the Holy Mass. Full of easy to read language and fair comparisons easy to understand. Great for Gen X and Gen Y Catholics! Remember, Stewardship is the Mass! Lets understand the beginning of the journey.

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