Vocations Promoting and Praying for Vocations

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How to download the audio Rosary

(If you are using Internet Explorer, the left box is the English Rosary, and the right box is the Spanish.) Plug your audio device into your computer. Place your cursor on one of the boxes above, and press the right mouse button. Go to "save link as" or "save target as." In the box that appears, go to "my computer," and then to the drive where your device is plugged in. Save to your device and wait while it downloads. If you have questions, call (620) 227-1519.

Signs of a Priestly Vocation

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Leadership - ability to get others to act

Concern for others and their welfare
Responsibility - dependability in doing assigned tasks
Initiative - ability to initiate tasks himself
Integrity - honesty, trustworthiness
Emotional Stability - responsive, well-balanced
Cooperation with those in authority
Generosity - ability to give of self
Respect for authority
Piety - regular, balanced practice of religion
Acceptance by others of his group
Courtesy in speech and manner
Personal appearance
General Health