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Stewardship Conference, Aug. 25, Dodge City

‘You must be crazy!’

or ‘How to have a conversation with those you disagree’

WHAT? Stewardship Conference

WHEN? 9:30 a.m. - 3:50 p.m., Saturday, August 25

WHERE? Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe,  3231 N. 14th St., Dodge City

WHY? The day will be filled with discussions of topics relevant to the present time. The ministry showcase in the gathering area will highlight dozens of ways you can become involved. The day concludes with the celebration of Mass

COST? There is no cost to attend.

FOOD? A lunch is provided free of charge.

FREEBIES? The ministry showcase typically offers dozens of free items to take home.

WHAT ABOUT DAYCARE? Bring the kids! Daycare will be provided.

DO I HAVE TO REGISTER? Yes, primarily for a lunch count. Go to, or, you can call Eric at (620) 227-1537.


By Dave Myers

  Shelley Hansel could hardly have come up with a more appropriate topic for her keynote presentation at the Aug. 25, 2018 Stewardship Conference at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Dodge City: “How to have a conversation with those you disagree.”

Holiday dinners and discussions around the water cooler can be exercises in frustration and oftentimes anger if the individuals doing the conversing have strong differences of opinion. And in these days of intense political polarization, vehement differences of opinion are more common than not.

How many friends and family have you unfriended on Facebook due to their political views?

“We can learn how to love our family and friends while disagreeing,” Hansel says.

Most of the topics being addressed at this year’s Stewardship Conference will be just as timely.

Steve Bellinger, for example, will discuss “What if someone comes to church with a gun?” (This topic may affect your thoughts on the first address!) Yesteryear, the answer would have been an immediate, “Call the police!” But in the days when guns are more common than they were in old Spaghetti Westerns, the question isn’t as easy to answer.

I wonder just how many people around me are carrying guns?

Jessica Soto-Botello of Catholic Charities will discuss a topic much more weighty for a large minority of southwest Kansans, but important as well to friends, family and employers. Her topic? “What to do if I’m deported.”

It’s not out of the question for a person who doesn’t speak Spanish to be deported to a Spanish-speaking country. Or for a mother to be deported without being able to notify her children who await her arrival at home in a southwest Kansas town.

It’s a notion that most of us are blessed not to have to worry about, but there’s a good chance we know someone who does.

Another topic to be discussed is, “How to Fire a Volunteer.” It might be considered an odd choice for a Stewardship Conference, except when considering that this is something with which parishes often have to contend.

Conference organizer Eric Haselhorst noted that the workshop is just as much about helping volunteers to focus their talents where they’re needed most.

This year’s conference will be a little different than in years past. Instead of 50-minute breakout sessions, they will be only 20 minutes long, allowing people to attend more of the talks.

Several concurrent talks will discuss the idea of mission when it comes to coaching, conversation, and being a parent of high school age kids. Gentry Heimerman, diocesan Director of Young Adult Ministry, will discuss “Being a Missionary in Youth Ministry.” And Denise Flax will present information on making dDo-it-yourself evangelization videos.

The day includes a free lunch, a large ministry showcase highlighting area ministries (and how you can get involved), and lots of freebies. The day will conclude with the celebration of Mass.


For more information, or to register online, go to, or call (620) 227-1537.

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