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Pastoral Ministry Formation

"Where ever you find excellence, you find continuous learning. They go hand in hand. Wherever you find that continuous learning is missing, you find mediocrity." Matthew Kelly

Formación del Ministerio Pastoral SEE OFFERINGS BELOW
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Pastoral Ministry Formation

Provides grounding in scripture and theology for the laity as they become increasingly responsible for the life and ministry of the Church. Pastoral Ministry Formation equips participants to fulfill the roles to which they are called by their baptism and for which their gifts and the needs of the times challenge them.


Tri Focus
Core Courses
Theology and Methods of Ministry  Fall 2018 
Introduction to New Testament  Spring 2019 
Christian Morality and Social Issues  Fall 2019 
Christology Spring 2020 
Sacramental Theology  Fall 2020 
Theology of the Church  Spring 2021 
Worship and Faith Fall 2021
Introduction to the Old Testament Spring 2022
In addition to the core courses, six electives are needed.

Formation for Liturgical Ministry Certification

Formation in Liturgy welcomes all involved in liturgical ministry: Lectors, Ministers of Holy Communion, Ushers, Greeters, Sacristans, Music Ministers, Priests, Deacons, Liturgy Commission Members, Catholic School Teachers, RCIA teams, Art & Environment Committees, Members of the Assembly.

An actor rehearsing his or her part in a play might ask the director: "What's my motivation here?" The script may call for the actor to say certain words, to perform a particular action, or to relate to another character in a specific way. But to properly play her or his part, the actor must know what is motivating the character he or she is playing.

The same is true for those who exercise liturgical ministry. Just as an actor needs more than a script and stage directions to bring the role to life, so, too, do liturgical ministers.

Those serving the liturgy of the Church need to have an understanding of the liturgy, an appreciation of particular ministries and their relationship to other ministries, and a willingness to give of their time and talent for the glory of God and for the sake of the assembly.

Liturgical ministers need to have an understanding of and an appreciation for the proper motivation of the liturgy and the various liturgical ministries. Without this understanding and appreciation, liturgical ministers may simply go through the motions like actors who do not appreciate or understand the roles they are playing.

Anyone who seeks to know more about the Mass or Liturgy is invited to this class. One may take it for credit or personal enrichment. To obtain the Diocesan Certification in Liturgical Ministry one needs to complete the two core courses and three electives for credit. A paper or project mutually decided upon by the student and the coordinating instructor is also required.

Formation for Liturgical Ministry is part of the Pastoral Ministry Formation Program.

Formation for Liturgical Ministry Schedule

Fall 2016 - THEO 3053 Sacrament Theology (3) core

Spring 2017 THEO 4881 Music and Liturgy (1) elective

Fall 2017 THEO 4053 Worship and Faith (3) core

Spring 2018 THEO 4881 Institute "Get Equipped" (1) elective

Fall 2018 THEO 4881 Art and Environment (1) elective

Spring 2019 THEO 4881 Celebrating the Rites of the Catechumenate (1) elective

Click here for Formation for Liturgical Ministry booklet.

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Fall 2018 Courses

THEO 4023 Theology and Methods of Ministry (3 hour course)

Instructor: Fr. Robert Schremmer
Course Description: This course offers a foundational theology of ministry rooted in Baptism. Particular focus will be given to the role of the laity in ministry and various types of ministry will be explored. This course provides experience and formation to enable the student to learn a variety of ministerial skills.   
This course is one of the core courses needed to obtain the Diocesan Certification in Youth Ministry.
Class Dates: Sept. 8, 15, 22, 29, Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27, Nov. 3
Class Times: Saturday mornings 8:30 to 12:00 noon
Location: Interactive Television Sites in Dodge City and Salina Dioceses
Cost: College Credit $150.00 (price does not include textbook) Personal Enrichment $75.00 (price does not include textbook)
THEO 4881 Art and Environment (1 hour course)
Instructor:  Fr. Frank Coady
Course Description: A liturgical environment that celebrates the awe of God's presence and saving deeds cannot be satisfied with anything less than beautiful. The beauty is related to the holy. This course gives all involved with Liturgy knowledge of the sacraments, the Catholic rites, the Liturgical Year, and the faithful's devotional life in order to equip them to create a sacred environment in which the divine-human encounter can most readily occur. The goal is to care for all the elements of worship, ensuring that the total environment is clean, appropriate, authentic, beautiful and accessible. The course will present the Liturgical Documents as they pertain to sacraments and other rites, environment, liturgical space, church appointments and the sacristy. 
This course is one of the one hour courses needed to obtain the Diocesan Certification in Liturgical Ministry.
Class Dates: Sept. 5, 12, 19, Oct. 10
Class Times: Wednesday evenings 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Location: Interactive Television Sites in Dodge City and Salina Dioceses
Cost: College Credit $50.00 (price does not include textbook) Personal Enrichment $25.00 (price does not include textbook)




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