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Is Finding your strengths valuable?

There is evidence to support each person working in areas of strength versus weakness adds value to the person and organization that person is working in. Obviously, when we are doing something we naturally good at, the work is easier, it is done with more skill, and the task takes less time. 

Now imagine a parish staff, or a pastoral council, or an entire parish working in their strengths. A group of people working is areas of strength is very much a possibility. Take a look at the chart below. What is presented is the Diocese of Charlotte staff for the offices of Stewardship and Development. Each person's gifts are noted on the chart by category. At a glance the whole staff knows who is the likely person to do specific tasks. 

Four Domains of Leadership Strength


What would happen if your teaching staff at your school, catechists, or one family learned their strengths? Not only would using the strengths finder add value to the people in the pews, church staff could look at a list of volunteers and know exactly who to invite into ministry opportunities. 

To get this started in your parish, contact the office of stewardship 620-227-1537 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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