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Why do Finance Councils have it figured out?

Ever notice how the finance council seems to attract people to serve? Why is that?

I was thinking as I came into work that the parish finance council over of the councils does not have quite the trouble finding qualified people to minister. In my mind I came up with list reasons most councils fail to attract ministers. 

  • The expectations are not clear
  • We have no idea if the person is a good fit 
  • Term limits are not defined
  • The council/committee has ambiguous goals
  • The nature of a person's work does not easily crossover to ministry

These are just a few reason why many ministries struggle to stay alive and vibrant. 

The finance council easily answer:

  • The expectations are clear: mange money for the parish
  • People with some sort of analytic background are drawn to the council
  • Term limits are explicit
  • The goals generally include, manage money, increase giving. 
  • It seems if a person is in one the following professions, an invitation to serve follow
    • Business owner
    • Accountant
    • Financial advisor
    • Insurance salesman
    • Farmer

This formula for the finance council seems to work through out the diocese. Is there anything that can help other ministries even come close to this success? Inviting professional teachers to be catechists seems to work.  What else?

A possible solution is to help people uncover their gifts. In the past we have had Called and Gifted which has served a number of people. I am a huge champion of the Clifton Strengths Finder. Neither of these tools is "the" solution. Rather, part of a solution. One that puts the needs of a person before the needs of the parish. A painful idea when we need 4 more catechists and a confirmation teacher yesterday. However, a worthwhile long term solution.

The Office of Stewardship is very interested in helping your parish become a place where we help our people find meaningful ways to be Jesus to others. If the ideas above will fit into your parish, let's work together. Email today This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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